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Arianna Huffington, one of my On the Road To Honesty Angels

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arianna oprahI reached out to Arianna after I participated in her “Thrive” course on Oprah Ocourse.

Through her powerful story, it was obvious to me that something changed deep inside her, and she moved dramatically in a new direction after her accident.

It became clear to me that one of the core concepts in Arianna’s book Thrive relies on honesty: honesty with oneself, primarily, but also with others. In that respect, she lives on her road to honesty very similarly to Oprah, Ellen Degeneres or Paulo Coehlo.

As we exchanged emails regarding the power of honesty, she wrote back with a quote that struck me and that capture a very powerful idea about (dis)honesty:

“I love a line from John-Roger that ‘dishonesty forfeits divine aid'” meaning that when we are operating without honesty, we are operating from the most basic part of ourselves, instead of the higher part of ourselves where our wisdom and strength reside.”

Through our interactions, I have noticed that Arianna holds strongly to integrity and honesty.
So, it’s no surprise that Arianna serves on the Board of Directors of Journalism for the Center for Public Integrity, one of the country’s oldest and largest nonprofit investigative news organizations.

And when I broached the subject of our On the Road to Honesty for kids campaign, the largest honesty campaign that the internet has ever witnessed, she immediately showed her support for my project and my mission. Though she is an extremely busy business woman and author, she still took time out of her hectic schedule to listen and learn about this project.

Thank you so much Arianna, for all your support and kindness. You were definitely one of the very first individuals I wanted to share my project with, and you immediately offered social media support and access to the Huffington Post.

And it really matters because because in a world that “sees and records everything,” learning to be “Honesty Savvy” at an early age will make a very big difference in a child’s future – it could literally be the pivotal factor in determining a life of success or struggle.

Your help will allow more families and schools to discover and access our special fun captivating children’s book about truth, lies and honesty.

Thank you Arianna for being one of our On the Road to Honesty Angels.

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About Thierry Koehrlen

My mission is to completely transform both the way children learn the value of honesty and how people teach honesty to children. Let’s make it fun & efficient! Why? Learning to be "Honesty Savvy" in today's all connected world that records everything will make a very big difference in a kid’s future and will make the difference between a life of success or a life of struggle. So let's raise "honesty savvy" children so they can build a solid foundation for the rest of their life. Learn about my On the Road To Honesty children book, a totally new fun and creative way for children and adults around them to learn and discuss about honesty, trust, truth and lies and their impact on our lives. And discover On the Road to Honesty for Kids, the largest Honesty (for Kids) campaign that the internet has ever witnessed. The campaign takes place from November 2015 to Honesty Day on April 30th 2016. 40+ amazing authors and other experts are contributing unique different perspectives & practical tips about honesty. Please share these articles as much as possible so everyone can enjoy the benefits positive honesty brings to their life. And don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested to contribute an article or a quote related to honesty in one way or another.

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