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How skilled do you think you are at detecting someone lying?

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Psychologists have discovered that the average person is told between 10 to 200 lies a day, including you!

It makes you wonder just how skilled you are at detecting deception and liars, right?

Imagine the personal gains one could accomplish if they were able to recognize lies and people who lie to them.

Luckily for us, Carol Kinsey Goman, an authority on the link between effective leadership and nonverbal communication is helping us to recognize liars by participating in our honesty awareness campaign.

But before you read her article, answer quick 3 self dicovery questions on how good you are at spotting liars (it only takes 15 seconds and it’s anonymous). Carol’s article link will be provided at the end of the questions. Do it and then read her article, it can make a difference in your life.

It will be fascinating to see the answers statistics. I will share them once we have enough data.

And please share the questions link and this article as much as possible in your network so we can collect more data (so far results are quite surprising). Also I would love to hear your comments and experience about spotting liars.

quiz_cartoon how to spot a liar 900

Thank you for reading my post. As the On the Road to Honesty awareness campaign is getting started, I will regularly write about lies, truth, (kind) honesty, deception and will host other experts & writers articles. Feel free to connect via Twitter, and Linkedin.

Also, thank you David Fletcher for the unique cartoon on how to spot a liar created for our campaign and for this article.


Thierry Koehrlen is the founder and editor of the On the Road to Honesty Awareness campaign & Honesty day and he is also the co-author of the upcoming Truth kit for children and parents.

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About Thierry Koehrlen

My mission is to completely transform both the way children learn the value of honesty and how people teach honesty to children. Let’s make it fun & efficient! Why? Learning to be "Honesty Savvy" in today's all connected world that records everything will make a very big difference in a kid’s future and will make the difference between a life of success or a life of struggle. So let's raise "honesty savvy" children so they can build a solid foundation for the rest of their life. Learn about my On the Road To Honesty children book, a totally new fun and creative way for children and adults around them to learn and discuss about honesty, trust, truth and lies and their impact on our lives. And discover On the Road to Honesty for Kids, the largest Honesty (for Kids) campaign that the internet has ever witnessed. The campaign takes place from November 2015 to Honesty Day on April 30th 2016. 40+ amazing authors and other experts are contributing unique different perspectives & practical tips about honesty. Please share these articles as much as possible so everyone can enjoy the benefits positive honesty brings to their life. And don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested to contribute an article or a quote related to honesty in one way or another.

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