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Why? (short)

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But WHY Create an Honesty Awareness Campaign?

Have you ever noticed that the media gives all the spotlight to liars and cheaters?zig ziglar honesty quote
In a very competitive, social media driven world, honesty simply seems not to be that interesting.

And so why is lying so appealing?
The degenerative effects lies have on us and our world are greater than we can ever comprehend.
And whether we are ready to admit or not, we lie, too!
And yet, one of the hardest part about lies is that they can roll off the tongue without us meaning to be deceptive in that moment. It’s a kind of societal reflex that must stop.

When Thierry Koehrlen, founder of this Honesty Awareness Campaign was working on his upcoming children book On the Road to Honesty,  Psychiatrist Mark Goulston wrote to him after reviewing it and said:

“I don’t know about you, but the fact that lying seems to be no big deal to so many people bothers me. And having learned to lie during childhood as most of us did, it becomes a very difficult habit to break […]”.

It was in this moment that Thierry realized that his children book was just one step of this massive project to educate children and adults alike while also reminding them about honesty and inspiring them to incorporate it into their lives.

Lying bothers us… But does it bother you?
If so, join us!
Let’s make being truthful and honest newsworthy and inspiring again.

Are you ready to stand up for the truth? And show that honesty matters? It’s time to make some noise for the TRUTH!
Wanna know how?

So HOW Are We Going to Make Honesty Exciting News Again?

Ask and ye shall receive!
When we are honest, others see our example and are inspired to be truthful, too. So, let’s build a more visible, virtuous circle again!
We believe simply asking amazing people (like YOURSELF) to participate in a positive movement is the most powerful way to spread our light…and our message!

WHAT Exactly is The On the Road to Honesty Campaign?

We are re-establishing a National Honesty Day, and because honesty is bigger than “just a day,” we are extending the concept with a full-scale social media campaign over several weeks!

Alongside inspiring content and insightful stories, there will also be powerful social media events that will take only seconds to participate in and help you make a big noise for our honesty campaign! This will be a social media outlet like never seen before!
Are you ready?

Here’s the plan:

#1. Starting mid February 2015 and for more than 3 months non stop, we will source, write, and share content created by dozens of people, experts, writers, and artists for our journey towards honesty!

#2. Let’s make “honesty” the most frequently used word on social media on April 30th.
Our Thunderclap social media campaign will begin the week of March 9th , and all social media supports received will add up and be released all at once on National Honesty Day, April 30th.

#3. Decide where YOU stand!
Get to know yourself better, and decide where you stand on truth and lies using our amazingly insightful self-discovery questions that will be released on the week of February 16th. You won’t want to miss these!

#4. Perhaps the most exciting part of our campaign is our challenge to you – yes, YOU!
We are asking EVERYONE to commit to perform at least one random, kind act of honesty.
Think about it!
One act of honesty could set off a chain reaction that could drastically alter your community.
Wouldn’t ONE kind act be worth it?

Help us reach our International Honesty Goal of 1 Million Kind Acts of Honesty!!!
The Honesty Counter will be accessible on the week of March 23rd!
Let’s Make Honesty a Habit…One Act at a Time!
…And the truth shall set YOU free!

#5. A unique On the Road to honesty children book Kickstarter campaign for parents and educators (from Mid April to the end of May 2015).

WHO is Involved? – Meet the Amazing People Behind This Movement

Ready to become a part of On the Road to Honesty?
You can be as active in this campaign as you want to be!
To ensure that you don’t miss our insightful tips, thought-provoking content, and social network event reminders, subscribe to our mailing list, right here.

The mission of On the Road to Honesty has inspired dozens of people, experts, writers, and artists to generously contribute their time and talents to this note-worthy cause.
Want to meet them? Simply click here to read more.

If you are interested to read the longer version of our why, how and what, click here

Special thank you to Simon Sinek and his incredibly powerful “Start with why” model.

Please, if this page inspired you, “like it” and share with others. And always let us know what you think and how we can improve it and this campaign.

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