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There’s a vicious fight inside me (by Jason Jennings)

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This article is an excerpt from bestselling author Jason Jennings’ latest book called The High Speed Company: Creating Urgency and Growth in a Nanosecond Culture.

Jason immediatly agreed to contribute to the Road to Honesty for kids campaign. Discover this great inspiring story.


Every summer members of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community host their annual summer powwow on the shores of Lake Superior in northern Michigan. The multiday event is attended by hundreds of the hosting Ojibwa Indians, members of other tribes from around the nation, and thousands of spectators. As the powwow begins, scores of loud drums and chanting musicians welcome the attendees, outfitted in their colorful native garb, to the festive Grand Entrance Parade. There’s an abundance of tribal food, trails in the forest are crowded with vendors selling their handmade wares, and music and games and stories go on until long after dark.

I was walking through the forest at the powwow when I came across an Indian chief in full regalia sitting on a blanket surrounded by many spellbound children. I stood nearby and listened in on his story. Soon I realized his riveting and poignant story was a lesson in keeping and growing the right culture.

“There’s a vicious fight inside of me,” the chief said. “It’s a fight between two powerful wolves. One is the wolf of arrogance, envy, greed, lies, fear, and fury. The other is the wolf of generosity, humility, truth, love and gratitude.”

The children sat very still, listening with their full attention, picturing this war inside the chief. “The same fight going on inside of me will one day be inside of you, my children,” he said, moving closer and looking each child in the eyes.

Finally one boy, frightened by the thought of a vicious struggle, wondered what he could do when the fight began in him. “Chief,” he asked, “which wolf will win the fight?” The chief whispered, “The one you feed, my son. The victor is always the wolf you feed.”

Just as it illuminated the right path for children struggling between good and bad, the chief’s story also has applications for leadership. Keeping a culture strong and thriving requires cutting the unhealthy stuff from your diet, starving that bad wolf while you bring a bounty of the best and feed the good wolf.


jason-jennings pictureJason Jennings is the author of eight NY Times, Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestsellers.

USA TODAY called Jennings, “One of the three most in demand business speakers in the world alongside Tom Peters and Jim Collins.” His website is www.jason-jennings.com

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