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WHO is Involved? –

The mission of On the Road to Honesty is to completely transform the way children learn honesty and to be honest in today’s world, because I’ve painfully discovered that we, as adults, are not equipped to teach them adequately. And this is confirmed by the increased wave of dishonesty in both the adults and the children world.

We must and we can do something about this dishonesty epidemic because our children’s future and our society are at stake.

So my vision is that all adults raise “Honesty Savvy” children by teaching them honesty and trust in a fun, smart, efficient and empowering way

The On the Road to Honesty mission and vision has inspired dozens of people, experts, writers, artists or students to generously contribute their time and talents to this note-worthy cause.

So, let’s meet them, shall we?

The On the Road to Honesty Campaign is the brain child of Thierry Koehrlen, a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who has learned a great deal from his successes and even more from a couple of his well-placed failures.

With a bachelor’s degree in business and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, he is the inventor and co-author of the upcoming On the Road to Honesty Family, an innovative guide to help explain and teach to children and the adults around them the concepts (that are hard to teach) of truth, lies, dishonesty, honesty and trust and their so important impact in our life .

photo shooting 400 carré copyThierry wanted to ensure his four children would avoid the same path of lies he discovered and suffered from during his childhood.

Finding a lack of resources for adults to teach children about truth, lies, and honesty in a friendly and visual way, he dedicated two years of full-time research towards creating the upcoming On the Road to Honesty Family Kit.

Still in the prototype stage, this creation has already incited positive feedback from over 20 international experts in education, parenting, philosophy, ethics, and neuroscience. With both his educational material and the “On the Road To Honesty for Kids“, Thierry is committed to creating a long-needed wave of truth and bright honest lifeskills in our society! (check out why he started this campaign)


But nothing would be even possible without the talents, energy and desire of dozens of amazing people to participate one way or another in the material content and in the campaign to make a big difference in people’s life. Thank you all for your great contribution and support.

1. The experts and best selling authors contributot list.

** Click on any name to discover more about them

Michele Borba, Dan Ariely, Mike Robbins, Bruce Weinstein, Marshall Goldsmith, Morty Lefkoe, Jeff Haden, Kris Yankee, Shawn Anchor, Jason Greenblatt, Mary O’donohue, Mareo McCracken, Chuck Gallagher, Daniella Whyte, Rick Wolff, August Turak, Leah Davies, Thomas Lickona, Brian Tuohy, Carol Kinsey Goman, Annie Fox, Kymmie KriegerHal Urban, Don Peppers & Martha Rogers, Alex concorde, Barbara Kimmel, Pamela Rutledge, Jason Jennings, Ryan Holiday, Frank Sonnenberg, Ted Rubin, Lolly Daskal, Alyson Schafer, Rich Simmonds, Rae Pica, Ayse Birsel, Margaret Paul, Thomas Kolditz, and a couple of more to be announced.


2. And now here is the team that contributes their time, resources, best collaborative efforts, and good spirit to make our Honesty Awareness Campaign stylish and meaningful:

Kymmie Krieger: As a former educator, Kymmie Krieger is passionate about educating children on the benefits and moral rewards of honesty. Founder and President of, Kymmie inspires business owners, coaches, organizations, and companies around the world to find their voices and create captivating, client-based content. Offering her services to the amazing On the Road to Honesty Campaign, Kymmie expertly spins raw ideas into envisioned messages using her Copy That Converts™ method. With over a decade of professional industry experience, Kymmie is a published author, editor, and copywriter who liberates readers and clients alike with original, authentic content.

Jayne Thompson, a Leeds-based (UK) freelance copywriter for Yorkshire and beyond. She writes all sorts of stuff, from SEO to social media, branding to blog posts, white papers to web copy. Copy that gives your reader a gentle push. Sticky content that gets shared. Tone of voice that puts your personality on the page. If you’re lost for words, she’ll help you find you way. She also used to be a lawyer and she has been helping On the Road to honesty pro bono for many months because she likes the project. Thank you Jayne!

Arlo Horner is a professional writer with 20 years experience in the field and a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. He writes with the goal of producing a positive, lasting message in society.

Tami Brehse is a freelance writer living in South Florida. She previously worked as a local TV news anchor and reporter, and later served as a media strategist for one of Florida’s top PR firms.

Dragan is a cartoonist and illustrator with over 15 years of experience. He has been creating cartoons and illustrations for the press and advertising agencies.

David Fetcher was born in England, he has worked in New Zealand as a freelance cartoonist since 1983. He produces daily strips “Crumb” and “The Politician” which are syndicated to seven countries. He also produce weekly strips for various magazines. He’s married with two children.

Tatjana Glogovac and Mainul Hasan are amazing PhD students who have been working dilligently to provide quality research to help build content and reach influencers for the campaign. They are doing a fantastic job behind the scènes.

We have a few more people in discussion to participate. Please contact us if want to volunteer some of your time.


3. A growing number of companies contribute their time, resources, and problem-solving skills to enhance the reach and potential of the On the Road to Honesty Awareness Campaign

Wasabi Publicity is a very unique PR agency. They are commited to this campaign to support us in changing the world. Philantropist and entrepreneur Pat Black and Wasabi Publicity provide On The road to Honesty a full 3 months PR campaign, free of charge as well as several months of hosting on their PR Kit solution. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity, unique approach and cimmitment to make this campaign a success.

Jasko Mahmutovic from SurveyLegend has been amazingly super responsive to provide free solution, free technical and marketing support to the campaign. SurveyLegend gives individuals, schools and companies, large and small, the power to create mobile friendly, gorgeous surveys and forms with ease, and with a smile on their face (yes, you read that right – a smile). Create great-looking surveys and forms on your computer or tablet, customize the look, and display results with eye-catching and insightful graphics.





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