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I personnaly suffered greatly from being a liar as a child until my wake up call. And as the number of dishonest acts by children and adult scandals continue to grow, it’s becoming very obvious that it’s time to change something!

My goal is to completely transform the way children learn honesty and to be honest in today’s world, because I’ve painfully discovered that we, as adults, are not equipped to teach them adequately.

So my vision is that all adults raise “Honesty Savvy” children by teaching them honesty and trust in a fun, smart, efficient and empowering way.

My name is Thierry Koehrlen, I am a husband and a father of four children. And I am the Editor of “On the Road to Honesty for Kids“, the biggest honesty campaign on the internet with more than 40 authors & experts and 4.4M+ social reach On the Road to Honesty for Kids Thunderclap campaign.

I am also the co-author of the On the Road to Honesty books, for children, families and educators.

On behalf of all children around, thank you for your interest in this topic, because their life and our society are worth it!

See more below abouy why I am doing all this and why so many people are helping me spread this life changing message…

Why On the Road to Honesty? The parents perspective:

  • zig ziglar honesty quoteBecause honesty (integrity, credibility, trust, reputation) plays a major role in your child’s future success.
  • Because the typical (boring, epically failing) recurring honesty talk that you improvise goes in one ear and out the other.
  • Because even the experts admit they sometimes cannot detect a child’s lies, so how the heck are you supposed to know what to do
  • Because we all hate it when our children lie …. and even more when they’re caught out by other people.
  • Because my wife and I needed On the Road to Honesty with our own children and I wish my parents had On the Road to Honesty for me. Actually I believe and see everyday that all families would highly benefit from it too… even if they don’t realize it yet.

Why On the Road to Honesty? The children perspective:

  • Because children only listen if the lesson’s fun, smart and age adapted.
  • Because children adopt the honesty-behaviour that reaches both their brain AND their heart.
  • Because children can only become honest if you give them the specific tips and tools that work.
  • Because children trust and need you to know exactly what to do and how to do it.



We empower parents and educators to teach children to be be ‘Honesty Savvy’ and we do it in a fun, simple, efficient and stress free way for the whole family, because we spent years on this for you.


  • Instead of having the recurring honesty & trust talk or/and pushing children to be honest (which most often does not work),
    On the Road to Smart Honesty helps children understand what (dis)honesty and (dis)trust really are so they learn to make educated choices.
  • Teach smart honesty to children with a real honesty kitInstead of just using abstracts words or/and simple nice stories,
    On the Road to Smart Honesty works with amazing artists and experts to create age adapted, creative, unique, engaging and practical materials to make it fun, comprehensive and easier to practice to children.
  • Instead of repeating more or less the same patterns that everybody is using with (their) children,
    we reveals to you the most critical mistakes most adults make that unintentionally push children to lie and we tell you what to do instead.

What do we do?

1. The On the Road to Smart Honesty Family Kit

A very unique children book + a life changing parenting ebook + some practical tools to further help children during the learning process.

The sale of my first On the Road To Honesty children book edition will allow me to do the first professional printing after a long phase of research, creation and testing.

This unique one time bonus & special price campaign starts in January, sign-up to be notified and be one of the first to get it and to give it to your child and get special rewards!

2. Engaging social media campaign & content unique :

a. Experts articles on different facets of honesty

Discover the largest honesty content campaign ever done on the internet. We will share the wisdom & practical tips  from amazing 40+ authors and experts and from my own research and experience. Sign up to receive all this life changing tips, articles and bonus around the topic of honesty and core human values.

thunderclap 75b. A powerful CrowdSpeaking campaign (Thunderclap) with more than 4,4M social reach to echo honesty and create awareness about the importance of teaching children honesty in a new more efficient (more efficient and funnier) way.

This is now a fast evolving project that is attracting the support of many amazing people.

Be part of it and sign up to our newsletter with simple, short & practical unique tips!

Note: English is not my native language. I apologize in advance for any typo and error. Please be kind enough to contact me and notify me when you notice any.

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